Stevie the K’s “All Poopie XI”


You’ve heard of the “All-Madden Team”. The “All-American” team. Perhaps even the “Horse Trailer Player of the Week”. Well, those teams are chosen by adults. It’s my turn now. Get ready for the “All Poopie XI” football (soccer) all-stars, as chosen by yours truly, Stevie the K.


Dudu Aouate Keeper, Israel, Deportiva La Coruna
Dudu Midfield, CSKA Moskva
Kaka Striker, Brazil, AC Milan
Caca Midfield, Brazil, Aalborg
Nicky Butt Midfield, Newcastle United
Dean Windass Striker, Hull City
Dan Shittu Defender, Watford
Lionel Messi Striker, Argentina, Barcelona
Quim Keeper, Benfica
Olivier de Cock Defender, Brugge
Dong Fangzhou Striker, Manchester United

  Now you’ll notice I started off very strong, staying with the original concept, with two dudus and two cacas, followed by Butt, Windass and Shittu. From there it began to be more of a reach. I thought of Messi by myself, but admittedly had to resort to putting naughty words into the search engine on I’m so ashamed.

I knew there’d be at least one Dong though. I have to admit being totally surprised by Quim. I had never heard of him. So when I went into Google to try to find humorous sports headlines, such as, “Milan Strikers denied by Quim” or similar, I was surprised to see that Wikipedia had beat me to the punch with its reference to “controversially snatching a place in the starting XI”.

I’ll bet many of you could think of more to add to this team. Please feel free to submit them via the Comments section.  The team’s kind of short on defenders. Sorta like any given day on my OTHSL over-50s team.


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