Hillary Clinton: 35 Years of Change

Thank goodness for the Internet. Without this valuable tool, we wouldn’t be able to verify the claims of our political candidates as easily as we do.

Last evening at the New Hampshire Democratic Candidates’ debate, Hillary Clinton asserted that she represents “35 years of change”. I could not think of how that could be true, so I started poking around. Lo and behold, she’s not lying!

 Have a look:

60s Hillary

60s Hillary

Hippie Hillary

Hippie Hillary

Cookie-baking Hillary

Cookie-baking Hillary

First Lady Hillary

Stand-by-your-man Hillary
(alternately, “Stepford” Hillary)

Hillary Today

Pay attention to me, dammit! Hillary
(alternately, “Give in to the Dark Side of the Force” Hillary)

Boy, I’m convinced. She’s ready to lead on an agenda of change.

Of hair styles.


4 responses to “Hillary Clinton: 35 Years of Change

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  4. Just because you are stupid don’t give you the right to talk sh$t about Democrats. Get a life you freak we are all in deep trouble in this country. You had your great Pres. Bush in office last term, and what did he get done. Nothing!

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