Fantasy Football Status: First Week of February

Fantasy Football Stats Feb 08 2008Well, January was a decent month for The Stevenators. Just subsequent to my last post, my new acquisitions from Everton  (Tim Howard and Joleon Lescott) did very well and have continued to shine. Dependable MVP Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be worth every pseudo-penny he costs.

My overall standing has improved to 6,834th out of a total of over 1.6 million participants, and I’m standing at 270th of all Americans. Not too bad.

I had not made any transfers for the entire month of January. This week, however, with injuries to both Agbonlahor and Distin, I decided to use my “wild card” to make multiple changes with no deduction in points (usually, you’re allowed one ‘free’ transfer per week, with each subsequent change costing 4 points – you get one “wild card’ per year). Changes were:

  • Ashley Young for Gabriel Agbonlahor (straight change in Aston Villa), netting 0.2 currency points
  • Jonathan Bentley (Blackburn)  out for Simon Davies (Fulham). I like Bentley but I needed to finance another trade, and Davies is nearly equal to Bentley in points scored while netting me 1.7 in currency.
  • With that trade, I was able to let Distin go at 5.6 and get Rio Ferdinand at 7.3, washing the 1.7 the above trade provided.

I had also considered releasing Robbie Keane in favor of Carlos Tevez, but Spurs are playing Derby and I figure Keane may have a chance to run it up against the sieve-like back line of Derby. I also really like Keane as a player, though I’ve learned to ignore my sentimental preferences for players when I choose fantasy league rosters. If I chose based on sentiment alone, I’d have a completely different squad and would probably be ranked about 500,000th.

Thank goodness for this Fantasy Football league, as it gives me a chance to turn away from the unfortunate Super Bowl results without having to pay any attention to baseball, the most deadly dull yet pervasive of American team sports. Someone actually came up to me on Monday after the Super Bowl and said, with glee, “well it’s going to be Pitchers and Catchers reporting really soon!”

Oh joy.

Amazing that a bunch of underworked, paunchy doofuses showing up in Florida with golf clubs to play catch for a few weeks will get more media attention in this country than the stretch run of the Barclays Premier League, featuring some of the most talented athletes in the world. And what’s more amazing is that I’ll get some crap from people in this country for saying so.

Fantasy Football Stats Feb 08 2008Fantasy Football Stats Feb 08 2008


3 responses to “Fantasy Football Status: First Week of February

  1. Fine words, sir. Well, you can tell those people who give you crap – Americans created their own sports because they are so bad at what everyone else is playing…

  2. With the exception of Brad Friedel, Tim Howard, Kasey Keller, Brian McBride, Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra, DaMarcus Beasley, Jonathan Spector, Marcus Hahneman, Bobby Convey, Jay Demerit, etc., etc.

    But thanks for your praise!


  3. There are much better Americans than that. I mean, Fredy Adu – Landon Donovan – Claud Reyna, etc… But thats not what I was getting at.

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