Bristol Rovers in FA Cup Quarter Finals!

I have to admit, there are certain teams I follow just because I ‘managed’ them in FIFA soccer on the XBOX. My first team in Manager mode on FIFA 2005 was Bristol Rovers. So I am pleased to see one of “my” former clubs do well.

Bristol Rovers Home JerseyBristol Rovers Home JerseyBristol Rovers Home JerseyThey also have a great home jersey, as you can see.

 They had a great striker named Junior Agogo, who has since moved up the league ladder to Notts Forest, and doing great there. I imagined, in a more perfect world, that ESPN thought English football was more important than baseball, and that Chris Berman would refer to him as either “Whisky” Agogo, or “Going to” Agogo in the highlight reels. Well, I amuse myself anyway.

In any case, this is another example of why the FA Cup is the greatest tournament in sports. Anyone can win. First Havant and Waterlooville, now this. A great season already, and it’s still going strong!


One response to “Bristol Rovers in FA Cup Quarter Finals!

  1. Hey Stevie,

    Glad to see a League One side progress. I just wish they hadn’t taken down Southampton. But, the Saints played like they had a bus to catch. Hopefully the Rovers will get a decent draw Monday. Imagine them playing in the semi-finals!


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