I Had This Dream Last Night…

…and I never remember them so I wanted to hurry up and write it down before I forgot it. This should give you some insight into exactly what a pathetic loser I really am.

So anyway, I’m apparently pursuing my dream to go abroad on a Football tour, and I’m all excited because I am going to see a really good game — I think it was Everton vs. Liverpool or similar. I’ve apparently arranged everything ahead of time, because I’ve prepaid for all my tickets and pre-arranged my transport throughout the country. And apparently the mode of transportation is some kind of combination of open-air train (like the top half of a double-decker bus) and hovercraft because we’re speeding along highways and seaside roads and then suddenly the train/hovercraft leaps over the rail to the beach, in a manner not unlike a combination of Burnout Paradise and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney. We’re flying down the beach and people are scattering to either side and we’re splashing and so on. Of course I’m in a state of shock because we’re flying over railings and going like 150 mph on a beach, while the people around me are all listening to their i-pods or reading The Sun and barely noticing.

Anyway for some reason the football ground is out in the country, not in the city, so the conveyance leaves us off about a ten minute walk away. And I’m walking with all the other people who are going to the ground to see the game, and I realize that next to me going to the game is Gordon Ramsay. And I’m torn because on the one hand he’s kind of famous and might be interesting to talk to and I know he used to be a football player himself, and on the other hand he might be a huge obnoxious asshole. But in my own self-deprecating and charming way we exchange a few minor pleasantries about the game and so on.

Anyway, later on I arrive at the ground and pull out my tickets, and I almost have a heart attack because they’re for a La Liga double-header between Valladolid and Racing Santander, with another game between Espanyol and someone…and I’m going into a panic because not only do I not have the tickets to the game I’m at, and want to see, but I know almost nothing about Valladolid or Racing Santander, don’t really give a s**t about La Liga and the game is in Spain and it had been played yesterday.

So I run back to the ticket purchase area, which I passed about five minutes before, and of course I am in a panic because it’s something I haven’t pre-arranged, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll even have a ticket, and I’m going the opposite way from everyone, and I get to the ticket window and of course Gordon Ramsay is there. And he starts yelling at me and getting in my face because of my ticket screw-up and he’s calling me a stupid git as if I’m on Hell’s Kitchen and I’ve burnt the risotto and he’s bragging about how he gets all the tickets he wants because he used to play football and he’s a big shot.

And then I woke up.


2 responses to “I Had This Dream Last Night…

  1. cool! i luv it when people talk about there dreams! once i had a dream that my older brother(that i dont have) was walking with some friends in the country and they found the guy from that dr.sus book where the cut all the trees down and any way my brother bothered this guy so the dr.sus thing turnd my brother into a glass of milk and the friends of my brother told my parents but my parents didnt believe them so they sent the older sister that i do not have out 2 find my brother and my sister started poking in some moss 2 fin my brother(dont ask y)and she found the dr.sus thing and it turnd her in a pece of chicken from KFC(also the dr.sus thing wuz way small) so my parents finaly believe the friends of my brother and they say;”i will never say johny is behind the curtian again” soo.. they send ME out 2 look 4 them and im like mr. y did u turn my brother and sister into food and he says; they were bothering me and im like plese dont turn me into any thing and he says ok your a good person come with me and he takes me 2 some fantisy word with magic animals and a castle and stuff and im the new princess of this place but before i can save my brother and sister and get back home he ditches me there…….. also i had that dream when i wuz like 5 and im like way older than that now ok that took up a lot of space have a nice day!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Good luck, and stay in school!

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