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Fantasy Premier League starts Aug 16

If any of my regular readers (i.e., those who didn’t get here by looking for “Janet Jackson’s boob” on Google) are interested in joining my semi-private league, let me know by indicating your interest in comments. I’ll follow up to your email address, which is visible to me through the administration function.

Go head-to-head against The Stevenators!


Fantasy Football 2007-2008 Roundup

Stevenators - Final SquadWell, the season has ended, and I have to say I’m pleased overall with the performance of The Stevenators. Despite a dreadful slump in March and early April, they rallied to finish 6,225th overall out of over 1.7 million teams! That’s the top 3/1000th of a percent!

We also finished 194th out of all Americans, of which there were 55,514, with a similar ranking!

In this, my second season of participation, I improved overall from 1778 points and 144,412 ranking overall, to 2217 points and an overall rank of 6,225.

Not bad!

Clearly, I benefitted from the amazing performance of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was captained most of the time, as well as the first half heroics of Cesc Fabregas. But overall the team was heavy with representation from Everton and Aston Villa, who had good seasons and fairly consistent performance.

So, I’ll bask in the meaningless glory of our performance and look forward to August!