Post-Transfer Window Shocker – Bosingwa to Celtic?

Evidently it didn’t happen, but we here at Stevie the K: Don’t do as I do, Do as I Say have uncovered EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS which seem to indicate that a deal involving Chelsea defender Jose Bosingwa being dealt to Celtic was very close to fruition when the transfer window closed.

Here is the SHOCKING, EXCLUSIVE photographic proof!

Jose Bosingwa almost joined Celtic!

Jose Bosingwa almost joined Celtic!

More Anti-Semitism in Europe?

Hey, Unibrow, the ball's down there

Hey, Unibrow, the ball's down there

Trip to the Grocery Store

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Yes, they stay low… until we -cough- have to -ahem- raise them about 35%.

Can We PLEASE Get Rid of John Kerry?

Why the long face?

Why the long face?


Can we please get rid of John Forbes Kerry, the most ineffectual, useless, gutless, waste-of-space in the Senate today?

This poseur has been in the Senate since the early ’80s and, because he represents Massachusetts, has barely been challenged since. He has been hiding in Ted Kennedy’s (considerable) shadow since then, occasionally showing up to Washington between trips to his various yachts (including gas-guzzling powerboats – so much for the value (or credibility) of Al Gore’s endorsement), mansions and vacation spots.

Can you think of one useful piece of legislation the guy has been responsible for in all those years?

Say what you will about Ted Kennedy, at least no one accuses him of not representing the Commonwealth, taking a stand on an issue or making his mark during his tenure. Can you say that about Kerry? The guy’s a key example in Wikipedia under the term “flip-flop”.  You think I’m kidding?

Completely, utterly, gutless and useless.

You know, it’s one thing to be useless, it’s another thing to be arrogant and useless. And that’s why I particularly despise this guy.

Here’s a quote from Kerry just after a brief “debate” with his Democratic challenger on TV this morning, when asked if there’d be any more debates:

“This is what we negotiated, this is what we agree to, and we’ve done it,” he said. “I go back to work in Washington. I’ve got a full-time job, unlike my opponent.”

Are you kidding me?!

He’s never held a job, made a payroll, started a business, run a business or even worked in the private sector, to my knowledge. He comes from money, marries into super-money, does a half-assed job as Senator, loses his bid to the Presidency to the most ridiculed, least-liked sitting President in modern times, and that’s his attitude?

Shouldn’t he have retired in embarrassment after that? I guess if you have no shame you can’t be embarrassed. Of course, had he any shame he wouldn’t be running for re-election on his record, such as it is.

The sad thing is, we’re still in Massachusetts, there’s no one that will challenge him who’s got any gravitas and so we are likely to have to endure this effete, haughty, empty suit and haircut of a politician for yet another six years.

Crassen rassen frassen…


[for an updated and sympathetic view, check this out]

On Amazon: The Totalitarian Two-Fer

(I know I’m a little late with this, but here it is nonetheless…)

I had mixed emotions about the Olympic Games in China, especially after witnessing the opening ceremonies.

I couldn’t help thinking I had seen something like this before. So when NBC started hawking a DVD of the Opening Ceremonies in their entirety…

I clicked through…



but decided to see what they had on Amazon, just in case…

and, lo and behold….


(c) 2008 Stevie the K. All rights reserved

(c) 2008 Stevie the K. All rights reserved

Fantasy Premier League starts Aug 16

If any of my regular readers (i.e., those who didn’t get here by looking for “Janet Jackson’s boob” on Google) are interested in joining my semi-private league, let me know by indicating your interest in comments. I’ll follow up to your email address, which is visible to me through the administration function.

Go head-to-head against The Stevenators!

The Other Side of Soccer: Our Idiots are Tougher than Your Idiots

I guess I don’t give this side of soccer much attention, because it tends not to be an issue here in the States, but perhaps it’s an inevitable consequence of soccer’s global emergence.

Or, just another example of the increased idiocy level of people in groups.

Crew-West Ham United friendly marred by brawl between fans

Security guards hold back fans after a fight broke out at an exhibition match between MLS' Columbus Crew and English Premier League side West Ham United.

Security guards hold back fans after a fight broke out at an exhibition match between MLS' Columbus Crew and English Premier League side West Ham United.